If you are still confuse and not sure about choosing Bali Pixtura as your Bali Wedding, Pre/Post Wedding or Family photographer, here are some of our clients thoughts about us. Hope they can help you to make the right decision!



Alora & Brenton (Australia)

” From the moment we met Bayu & Ivony it was a done deal. It didn’t even matter that I had spent the previous few weeks obsessed with the lighting of her images and the intimacy of the moments she captured… it almost didn’t matter that Bayu & ivony’s pictures were so beautiful they almost made me cry…(who knew online photos of a perfect stranger on their wedding day could move me to tears ?!)…None of those very important things mattered when we met Ivony and her husband Bayu, because quite frankly, they were just two of the loveliest, most genuine people we could have expected! We almost wanted them there as our guests !!

Hindsight is always 20/20 vision and in hindsight we would not dream of choosing anyone else. Bali Pixtura captured everything meaningful in our wedding day and more. Every meaningful glance ,  the tiny inflections across my mothers face when we put on the veil, Brenton and I meeting at the aisle. I was entirely intent on having a videographer because I wanted every little detail to be captured so that we can remember it all.. years down the track.. now it seems like that didn’t even matter. Bali Pixtura got it all. I don’t know how someone can be that unobtrusive yet… get just the most amazing angles!

We recieved our first package… a beautiful engraved customised wooden box with a customised engraved wooden usb. With this we could show all our family and friends Bali Pixtura’s amazing photos of our special day over our first Christmas together.

The second package Bali Pixtura sent to us though.  That. Took our breath away. The quality of our wedding album was just absolutely magnificent. We are so very proud to showcase it on our coffee table and to show it to all our loved ones. Our friends are bookmarking Bali Pixtura for their own Wedding Days now that they have seen how beautiful our images and album have turned out! Five stars ! You guys deserve every success!!”


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Daniella & Robert (USA)

” Ivony and Bayu are incredibly talented photographers and truly wonderful people. I have looked at our photos about 100 times; each time I smile all the way through. No one could capture the moment the way they did.

From the beginning, Ivony helped me choose the right package for us that provided what we wanted most efficiently. Let’s just say she could have charged us way more, but she was so wonderful with providing options to keep things in line with our budget. She was very responsive throughout the whole process.

We started with a pre-wedding session a week before our elopement. Bayu was awesome at letting our chemistry play out and providing guidance where needed to get the most beautiful photographs possible. They were stunning!

On our wedding day, Eka (their hair and make-up artist) was awesome! I have never liked how I look after getting my hair and make-up done, except the one time he did it. He is truly and artist. I felt so beautiful, and that really made a difference when time came for the wedding photos.

Bayu, Ivony and their assistant were amazing. They tested every shot before we posed, so we wouldn’t get tired of it. I never thought about it before, but they allowed us to stay fresh and excited by doing that. They took really beautiful photos during our private ceremony without interfering at all. We forgot they were there, which is how you should feel when exchanging vows.

All of our photos are astonishingly beautiful. There are no words. They exceeded any expectations I could have had.

Thank you Ivony, Bayu and team for such a wonderful experience and such beautiful photographs. We will cherish them forever!”


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Moni & Jordan (Australia)

Traveling to Bali from Australia and booking photos in advance without meeting your photographer can be hard, a lot of uncertainty. I feel so blessed to have found Bayu and Ivony.

We had the most amazing experience getting our photos done and were absolutely blown away with how amazing our photos were when we received our gallery. 10/10 recommend this business! Prompt and thorough communication, great help with makeup and prep, fun afternoon out with the boys capturing our images, super fast turnaround on the edited images and we got 83 incredible photos from just 1.5 hours with our photographers.

Bonus, Bayu was happy to answer our 1000 questions about Balinese culture in the car too. Thank you for your time and incredible work!” ?


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Ita & Phillip (Hongkong)

” Our wedding was partially organized by a wedding planner but we opted to select certain vendors directly hand picked by ourselves. Plenty of choice around but Bali Pixtura definitely caught our eye, both in their style of photography as well as their communication before and after booking, as well as throughout the whole process till the wedding until providing the full set of photographs.

We have booked our services with Bayu & Ivony and were very eager to have them around. In an unfortunate turn of events, Mr. Bayu was hospitalized a week before the event and was unable to shoot our wedding. When normally such a situation would lead to panic mode for the couple and a disruption in their wedding preparations, making it almost impossible to replace a gifted photographer like this couple is, Ivony was so humble and immediately offered us the option to use their partner Jimmie and his team instead. Not having a lot of time on our hands we accepted the offer and our jaw drops every time we look at the photos.

Jimmie and his team were very hardworking and seemed to be everywhere at the same time. We have received top quality photos from every angle possible and nothing short of perfection. We would highly recommend Bali Pixtura for their professional & friendly services without any hesitation.”



David & Shanna (Australia)

“We’ve just received our wedding photos and spent hours looking at them last night and we were speechless, teary-eyed and couldn’t be more happier with them, they are perfect! We are just blown away at every minute you all seemed to capture.  Bayu & Ivony, we can not thank you all enough, they really are beyond our expectations! PERFECT!!!  Thank you again so much! No one could have made us feel so comfortable as Bali Pixtura. Amazing team! So happy to have found them” 🙂


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Joseph & Pui (Singapore)

“We engaged Bayu and Ivony for a photo shoot at Lembongan Island and Bali. From the very beginning of our correspondences, the couple was a calming presence. They were more than happy to answer our sometimes silly questions and went out of their way to ensure the logistics were well taken care of. The gown selection was great and the lighting assistant and make up artist were immense help! On the actual photo shoot, it was nothing short of incredible. Not only was it a very pleasant and fun experience for us, they manage to capture our best moments despite our sometimes awkward poses. I cannot gush about this enough but the end product was awesome. Thank you again to the team for everything!”


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Ashley & Yuri (Zambia)

“I would like to start of by thanking Jimie and his incredible team for making my wedding day a dream come true. He is so professional, it felt like he wasn’t even there which is exactly what you look for in a wedding photographer. He is helpful and kind and knew exactly what to do and when do it. This obviously attributes to his years of experience as a photographer. He told us tips and tricks to use on our wedding day which you never would have thought of. The photographs that Jimie and his team has taken absolutely blew my mind. We had a sunrise wedding, which is tricky to start of with because when we started shooting, the light wasn’t quit right but he still managed to capture every moment perfectly. After the wedding we also had an underwater photo shoot which I was a bit nervous about because of having to hold your breathe underwater but Jimie somehow made it seem so easy. We made us feel comfortable in the water and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. At the end of the today we have received incredible pictures that I will cherish forever as well as a truly awesome friend. We may have the opportunity of bringing him to Zambia to photograph our family wedding which would be absolutely incredible. I would highly recommend Jimie and his team for any occasion.”


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Benny & Yenny (Indonesia)

“Our photoshoot with Bayu & Ivony (Bali Pixtura) was awesome! They know exactly what they’re doing. Fun, friendly, professional. I’m so happy that we’re decided to have our pre-wedding photo with Bali Pixtura. We’re so shy and don’t think that we’re good infront of the camera but Bayu & Ivony found out the best angle for us! Bali Pixtura is very recommended for those who looking for a professional and trustworthy wedding photographer in Bali! ”


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Sebastien & Marie (Japan)

“When I secretly decided to organize a surprise pre-wedding photo shoot for my fiancee, it was very important for me that everything goes perfect. In my research of that perfect photographer, I was immediately inspired by Ivony & Bayu’ s work (Bali Pixtura).They have a unique sense of photography to catch those precious moments with the best angle, a very very professional & precise directing to guide you thru each steps which made our session so smooth, so fun & so comfortable : One of our best memory in Bali 〜☆ We definitely loved your energy !! Thank you for every little attention you gave us, the pictures are above any expectations!! As I believe everything’s happening for a reason, I believe it was destiny…”


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Fares & Hydee (Australia)

“We always know finding the right photographers for our wedding is as important as finding a dream wedding venue and a stunning wedding gown, we are so fortunate and to have Bali Pixtura (Ivony & Bayu) as our pre-wedding and wedding photographers in Bali. Ivony & Bayu (Bali Pixtura) are two passionate and professional world-class photographers, with gifted talent, fun and friendly characters.  Both our pre-wedding photos and wedding day were slightly cloudy, with the great help of Bali Pixtura’s professional lighting assistant the photos turned out amazing and stunning. Bali Pixtura captured the beautiful scenes and the special moments that we had, the photos preserved our joys, tears and the beautiful Bali sunset that we had on our very special day. Our friends and families are amazed with the quality of the photos, we love the energy and photo-shot style of Bali Pixtura.“


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Kevin & Natalie (Indonesia)

“Jimie & team are wonderful photographers that we would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. They treated us like old friends and made us so comfortable. The whole experience turned out to be fun & romantic. The only problem now is trying to choose our favourites, because there are just so many amazing shots! We are so thrilled that we hired Jimie & team from Bali Pixtura, we couldn’t be happier with the photos they have taken. Thank you for being our pre-wedding photographers! Can’t imagine someone better. “


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Alain & Katherine (Australia)

“HUGE thank you to Bayu & Ivony for the incredible service, time and amazing photos! They were capturing every beautiful moment and I could just relax knowing that nothing was being missed! It was so nice to spend the time for photos with such wonderful people! Ivony & Bayu, we will be coming back for more photos and just to hang out again! Could not recommend the team at Bali Pixtura enough!”


bali photographer

Markus & Sandra (USA)

“I did a lot of research looking for a photographer in Bali and found Bali Pixtura. From the beginning the experience was amazing. Bayu & Ivony responded quickly to my request for a quote and availability. They worked with us on the location and the best time for photos. This was a special moment for my husband and I because we have a “spiritual wedding” in all of the countries we visit. We had never hired someone to capture the moment before and always regretted it. Bayu & Ivony made us feel comfortable and relaxed while photographing such an intimate moment. They gave us great direction on posing and yet not in a way that made us feel uncomfortable- only to make the photos GREAT! I do a bit of photography myself and I can be quite picky. When we received the pictures, I honestly cried! They were able to capture our love for each other in EVERY photo! Their eye for scenery, backdrop, positioning was amazing. I love the photos 100% more than our first (real) wedding! I am so grateful to them for giving us lasting memories that we can share proudly with our friends and family. I hope to go back to Bali one day and use them again. Wonderful people, wonderful photos and a wonderful experience!!


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Aaron & Georgia (Australia)

“A big thank you to Jimie and his team. My brief to Jimie was “I want nice and natural pictures that capture the moments without feeling like we have to pose.” From the moment Jimie arrived I hardly ever felt his presence. I enjoyed every single second of my wedding day with Jimie snapping away to capture every smile, tear and laugh. It’s not the formal photos that remind you how great your day was – it’s the natural fun and excitement that is so important to be documented. Jimie’s ability not to miss a moment is incredible, and his energy and passion comes across in the photos. He is able to blend in so well that your guests and literally will not realise they’re being photographed. We could not recommend Jimie more.”


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Frank & Xuan (China)

“My husband and I first saw Bali Pixtura’s works on Instagram in July and we simply love them at first sight! So no more searching, we contacted them immediately and invited them to shoot our wedding photos at Infinity Chapel on September 28. My husband and I are both a bit shy and of course a little nervous before the wedding ceremony starts, but the team of Bali Pixtura – Bayu and Ivony – are so professional & patient to guide us on every scene, they are super friendly and always have the magic to make us feel relax. Looking back to the whole experience, it was just fabulous working with them. When I recently received the photos from Bali Pixtura, I must honestly say that their works nearly bring me to tears! They have captured every special moment and details of our special day with their creativity, I just love their elegant style of photos, their creative application of shadow and shooting angle – They are just perfect! There are so many photographers to choose from in Bali but we believe hiring Bali Pixtura for our wedding photographers is the best decision ever, Bayu and Ivony are not just photographers, they are talented artists with artistic flair. My husband and I are both extremely satisfied with our wedding photos and we just can’t thank Bali Pixtura enough for their professionalism: thank you for bringing us so many beautiful memories on our special day. Thank you!”


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Sascha & Miriam (Germany)

” We got so many compliments from everyone who look at our pre-wedding & wedding photos. Absolutely stunning! If you come to Germany, you will be surprised that you already have a fans club here. LOL! We just wanted to let you know how much your pictures are appreciated… They are the most beautiful wedding pictures we’ve ever seen. So proud of them! Thank you Bayu & Ivony for your effort and your patience to get up so early and spent the whole long day with us to take these amazing pictures!


prewedding in bali

Mabel & Wah Fai (Hong Kong)

“This shoot was a once in a lifetime experience. It was worth having makeup done at 2am to be able to see the moon out and then watching the sun rise over Kintamani and Mt Batur. The view was spectacular and magical! Jimie is an amazing and creative photographer and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take pre wedding, post wedding or whatever photos you desire. Discuss with Jimie and he will turn your dream pictures into reality. Thank you to Jimie and team for the beautiful photos. We do not remember the days, we remember the moments and this was definitely one we’ll never forget.”


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Chris & Nickie (United Kingdom)

“There were many photographers in Bali and we were totally overwhelmed with the choices, however the quality of the photos from Bali Pixtura ( Bayu & Ivony) stood out from all the rest and we didn’t hesitate to choose them. On the wedding day, they were always on the lookout for good photo opportunities and always made us feel very relaxed. They’ve managed to capture all the special moments (and in multiple angles!) and the resulting photos looks stunning. Seeing our wedding come to life in the photos after a year of preparation really meant a lot to us, me and my wife, all of our friends and families, the venues and décors, all looked splendid and captured perfectly. They’re a team of talented, fun and professional photographers. I can’t thank them enough for taking such amazing photos! 🙂 ”


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Robert & Alysha (USA)

Bayu & Ivony (Bali Pixtura) was everything we could have dreamed of. One of the most important decisions you make for your wedding is your photography, as it is the preservation of your memories. The team was amazing and it was the best decision we made for the wedding. They did everything one expects (showing up on time, handling your day with dedication, etc) and then went above and beyond each step of the way. By the end of the day we were great friends with them and were so glad they shared in our day. I can not say how much I appreciate them and their talent. If you are looking for great talent, friendliness, skill, ease of handling situations – then I would highly recommend the team. Looking back on our pictures, i am still in shock of what they were able to capture. Just amazing and beautiful! Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you!”


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Ash & Jacinta (Australia)

“We were recently married in Bali and were fortunate enough to use Bali Pixtura (Bayu & Ivony) as our Bali wedding photographer. So many couples say the most important aspect of a wedding is the photography because it captures the day with images you can have and share forever. To most photographers, your wedding is ‘just another job’ and I’ve heard of photographers being pushy, impatient and sometimes rude! These are all comments we’ve heard from friends, but we experienced the exact opposite with Bali Pixtura… They were not only extremely professional but they were friendly, ALWAYS happy, and incredibly patient! They made sure every shot was the perfect shot and made the whole experience not only a memorable one but an enjoyable one as well. Our advice to anyone getting married in Bali and seeking a photographer, you would be silly to use anyone else but Bali Pixtura 🙂 ”


bali pre wedding photography

Chris & Joanne (HongKong)

“Love your photos so much!!! I can’t imagine that we looked so stunning on those two days. It’s really difficult to choose only 30 photos to the album. Can we upgrade the album so we can put more photos in it? They’re really really nice. Again, thank you so much for your professionalism! I will recommend your service to my friends in HongKong. Good work!!!”


bali prewedding 19

Mexson & Licha (Indonesia)

“I can’t say how much I appreciate them and their talent. Your team have a great talent, friendliness, and very ease of handling situations. Super love with the results of what photos they were able to capture, amazing n very nice!!! During photo session, we felt like we’re not doing it with team of photographers but with friends instead. Thank you Bali Pixtura!”


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Kanjana (Thailand)

“I’m happier than ever that I chose Bali Pixtura to shoot my candid.I just got my pictures back, and all I can say is WOW, WOW,WOW! These are the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. Bali Pixtura has a gift for capturing beauty in every shot they take. I will treasure these pictures always, and plan to use Bali Pixtura for all of my future photo shoots including in Thailand too!
Thank you!”


Bali pre wedding

Alex & Kit (Hongkong)

“Our shooting day was held on the second day after our wedding ceremony in Bali. We were a bit tired after the big day. Actually we didn’t have much experience on shooting. After around an hour traveling time to the shooting location, we are a bit “sleepy” already. XD Our first few shoots were blank~ showing “tense” and not natural pose. But then Ivony and Bayu tried to create a relax atmosphere, we acted better afterwards. Haha~ they are really funny but professional photographers. It’s a very good experience. The shooting started from 9am to 7pm. And we could catch all the scenes that we have been required~~ haha~ the sunshine, the grass field, temple, beach and sunset. Super nice! The most impressive thing is the time when we received the photo disc. The photos are amazing!!! Can’t believe! It’s really a good memory for both of us. We love their works that could catch our sweetest moment as well as the incredible scene in Bali.”

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